WATCH: New Song – Ishay Ribo – Keter Melukha


SimchaSpot 2020 Purim Contest Winner Thanks SS for Receiving their Ipad

We kept our word, and they sure earned it!   View this post on Instagram   @prince_katz_preemie Thanking SimchaSpot for receiving the iPad they won for an winning this year's 2020...

BRAND NEW: Gad Elbaz – Mimaamakim


WATCH: Eitan Katz – The Four Angels | Torah from LIJ2

Torah shared over during "B'shem Hashem" at Live in Jerusalem 2 [youtube]

WATCH: The Place Where They Belong – Abie Rotenberg & Baruch Levine

The Place Where They Belong Based on the original Abie Rotenberg classic "The Place Where I Belong", today we find ourselves longing for "The Place Where We Belong". [youtube...

WATCH: Stranger || Official Music Video || Mesivta of Waterbury || Eli Dachs &...

This song is about the kid who everyone adores and believes in... he just doesn't believe in himself. I hope this will be an inspiration for everyone to...

WATCH: Isolated Together: 25 Artists Virtually Cover “Someday”

An all-star cast of Jewish singers has come together virtually to cover the classic “Someday” for a good cause. The music video, shot entirely on cellphones, was...

WATCH: Hashem Yishmorcha – Simche Friedman

Wow, is this upbeat and refreshing! [youtube]

Tonight! Rebbetzin Aviva Feiner Live At 7:30


WATCH: Toda Al Hakol – Shwekey & Kobi Peretz


WATCH: Ari Goldwag – Bit’chu – Trust in Hashem – [Brand New]

Ari Goldwag returns with another touching song and video, reminding us to look through our own personal lives to see how much Hashem has taken care of...

WATCH: Simcha LEINER | Mi Adir | ‘Speechless’ – An Instant Beauty!

Simcha Leiner "After hearing the song Speechless from the latest Aladdin film, I was instantly moved. I thought that this would perfectly fit into the "Greatest Chupa"...

WATCH: ‘Du Voint A Yid’ – Freilach Band, Levy Falkowitz & Lev!


WATCH: Avinu Malkeinu (Chabad Nigun) Avraham Fried (Just Released)!

Our Father Our King, We have no other King but You. [youtube]

WATCH: The Quarantiner Rebbe Teaching a new Niggun!

View this post on Instagram The Quarantiner Rebbe...

WATCH: This video is Beyond Special, Klal Yisroel is a very Special Nation 🤧

View this post on Instagram This video is...

BRAND NEW: Yaakov Shwekey 🌍 Perfect World

In times like these this song surely hits home.. [youtube]

WATCH: SIMCHA LEINER | We Go On! | Official Music Video


WATCH: Meir Maswari Tomorrow – Machar Official Music Video


WATCH: Simcha Leiner Live From Quarentine