WATCH: Here’s What We Want For Our Purim Appetizer

[youtube] Take beef fry and jalapenos and turn them into a delicious appetizer for Purim! Yussi of Lakewood's Snap's Kosher original and creative recipe has you covered!

Awesome Video Retells ‘Miracle at Entebbe’ in Honor of 40th Anniversary

It's more entertaining than any action movie, but this time it's true -- It's the story of Operation Firebolt / Yonatan, the historical Israeli raid on Entebbe...

This Jewish Entrepreneur Has Some Surprising Things To Say About Your Shirts


Hartzig Kumzitz at Reb Shlomo Carlebach’s Kever on His Yartzeit


Latke Recipe for Every Night: Nacho Latkes!

Nina Safar's Latke Roundup! Night 1, Nacho Latkes! Link to the recipe is:

Soon By You Jewcer Campaign


We Dare You Not To Smile Watching This Camp Simcha Concert

Each summer, 450 seriously ill children are treated to unforgettable, medically supervised overnight camp experiences at Camp Simcha, for children battling cancer and other hematological illnesses, and...

Kallah’s Car Broke Down on the Way To the Wedding. Then This Happened…

This kallah was in Israel on the way to her wedding, when she got a flat tire. Luckily there were border police nearby. They changed her tire...

Survivors & IDF Commanders Dance Together

"Living is the greatest revenge." Source כפר חבד [youtube]

Simcha Leiner & Yedidim Choir Team Up with a 32-Piece Orchestra For this Stunning...

Simcha Leiner & Yedidim Choir a 32 Pcs Symphony Orchestra Mi Adir To The Tune Of Ani Maamin-Moshe Goldman & Mi Bon Siach To The Tune Of...

WATCH: Wedding of Mark and Cassandra Sarembock (Cape Town)


Nissim The Rapper Freestyles


WATCH: Weekly Parsha With Harry Rothenberg – Yom Kippur Edition


NFL Player Terrell Suggs Loves Gefilte Fish

A recent write up for CBS Baltimore discussed the fact that NFL Terrell Suggs, like many of us, loves a good piece of gefilte fish. "Terrell Suggs still wears...