Singer & Composer Shloime Katzanelbogen Releases “Modim Acapella”

This song has been a huge hit on radio stations and even became an anthem in schools and yeshivas/talmid Torahs.
Modim was composed by Shloime from the inspiration of his Rebbe, R’ Shimon Galai, who is careful to emphasize at all times the importance of giving thanks.
Shloime says, “I released Modim a few years ago. It is the song that most identifies with me. I’m very connected to it. I thought to myself that giving thanks is a universal message. It is applicable to all times. When something good happens, when we are happy, we thank HaShem. Even in times of pain and difficulty, we ask for help in the future and give thanks for what we have now or have had in the past. “
Shloime decided to release this song in a vocal version now in order to give over this important message. Even when we don’t hear music, we can thank HaShem for it all.
Composer: Shlomi Katzenelenbogen
Vocal arrangements: Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry