French singer, Avraham David, has been working for the last two years, on a new project with producer/arranger Joshua Levitt, a US native who moved to Paris twenty years ago.
Joshua owns and plays in one of the best wedding bands in Paris and happens to be an amazing arranger.

While all of Avraham’s previous music productions were created by talented arrangers and producers in both Israel and the US, for this special album Avraham wanted it produced, with the music recorded in its entirety in France, his home.

Releasing original songs for the world to learn is an amazing thing. Hearing your songs sung and performed by others at smachot etc. is really special.
“It was very special to see that my song “Yehudi Ze Hachi” has been covered by many singers! and is still performed at weddings and concerts.”

For this new album however, Avraham wanted to record covers of popular songs he loves.
Why covers?
“To be able to give your interpretation and version of the songs you connect to is another part of you that people can discover,” says Avraham.
“That’s why the new album is titled “From My Heart To Yours.”
I sing all my favorite songs (from my heart) and hope it will touch other hearts!! (MiLev El Lev)”

Naturally, the album consists of a full string section, brass section, rhythm section etc. including more than fifteen musicians, only the crème de la crème from France.

The new album is being released as four parts (or EPs). Part one, which was just released is a Mizrachi style EP, featuring some of Avraham David’s favorite Mizrachi songs reimagined by him and his team. The Other parts of the album will be released after Passover, featuring Israeli, Chassidic & Chuppah songs!

Arrangements: Joshua Levitt
Graphics: Levik T
Photo: Matanya Okanine
Mix & Mastering: Yaniv Balas
Video: Imagin Com
PR: Yossi Zweig

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