In the midst of uncertainty, a melody reemerges. Yeedle, a voice for the hopeful, releases a captivating rendition, the first single off his upcoming album, just in time for Pesach, a time etched in the memory of escaping a crushing captivity. Yeedle‘s signature style, blending fresh musical innovation with timeless themes, resonates perfectly with the spirit of liberation and renewal at the heart of the Yom Tov.

Each prayerful note is embedded with an appeal for a lasting unity. The lyrics resonate with a plea to the Almighty, echoing the prayers of countless souls yearning for a way out of their own personal maze, a call that transcends borders and unites hearts in tunnels of despair. This poignant song serves as a beacon for the hostages lost in a maze of captivity, those still trapped within a labyrinth of fear.

As we approach Pesach, a celebration of liberation, Yeedle’s music becomes an anthem of hope, a powerful reminder that even in the darkest of times, in the deepest maze, freedom, גאולה is always a תפילה away. It is a call for unity, a plea for the walls to crumble, and a testament to the enduring power of hope that binds us all together.

Composer | לחן: Yitzchok Fuchs
Producer | הפקה: Yeedle Werdyger

Music Production | Arrangements | עיבוד: Ely Lishinsky
Strings Arrangements | עיבוד מיתרים: Yoeli Dikman
Mixing & Mastering | מיקס ומאסטר: Ely Lishinsky

Recording Musicians | נגנים:
Ely Lishinsky
Avi Singolda
Nitzan Ain Habar

Choir | מקהלה:
מוישי רוט
יונתן בלוי
אביגדור רוט
יוסי וינברגר
נפתלי לנדסמן
יומי הס
זבי פריד
דובי טסלר
שעיה ווייס
יואלי ווייס

Art Concept | קונספט אמנותי: Moishy Roth
Cover Art | עיצוב עטיפה: Ely Kaufman
Video Art | קליפ מילים: SHOT

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