The Nechama of Pini Einhorn: A New Single Accompanied By A Rare & Historic AI Video!

At the beginning of the Nisan – a month of redemption and consolation, Pini Einhorn launches the first monumental A.I. official video, describing the biographical story of Jerusalem, and the history of the Jewish people who hold forever the city of faith and consolation – Zion and Jerusalem.

The song and clip are contains a spiritual message of strength, as Pini, the “Eternal Jew”, lives in the Holy City for 3000 years, where they walk side by side; Fathers of the nation and kings, prophets and leaders, conquerors and liberators, writers and common people, until the spectacular moment of climax – at the end.

Go on an exciting journey into the past and future of the Jewish people, in the holy city that conquered everything, and even in challenging times, always gives us the spirit and strength to believe that the eternal people is not afraid of a long road.

“בניסן נגאלו, ובניסן עתידין להיגאל”

Production, Art direction & Concept: Moishy Roth
Composer: Yitzy Waldner
Music arr. & pro. by: Arale Nachshoni
Video directed by: PlutoVideo – Gadi Finegold, Michal Finegold
Mix & mastering: Meir big Amar
Vocal recoeding: Yitzy Berry
Guitars: Ariel Tuchman
Bass: Yair Ofir
Piano loops and programming: Arale Nachshoni
String instrument/camencello: Yoad Nir
Cover design: Studio Yarin Aloush
Video Shot: Shlomo Gelber

Agent Office: Yonatan Yehiel Productions
Digital distribution: Mobile1 music
Digital Marketing: Yakir and Nena Productions | Y.V Productions