Enemies surround us on all sides, war rages on our borders, but that’s nothing new for the Jewish Nation.
We’ve seen it all. From the mighty Pharaohs of Egypt, up until modern times the Jewish people have endured unimaginable trials and tribulations. Exiles and holocausts, yet here we stand.

The reason for our existence has never and will not ever change!
‎אחד אלוקינו שבשמים ובארץ!!

The Almighty, Master of the universe will never forsake the Jewish people!
He loves us as a nation and each one of us individually! We can’t fathom Hashem’s love for us even if we tried.

Echad Mi Yodea? Who knows one?
I know One! Echad Ani Yode’ah!

Just as then, so too now. Hashem can take anyone out of Egypt! All we have to do is turn to Him!!

It is my hope that this song warms the hearts of all those who hear it.

From me, to you.
Shaya Lexier