Melech Frank In A New Single About Tshuva “Heet Oif Mir”

Rising star Melech Frank has been a music lover and passionate singer for as long as he could remember. During Elul, three years ago, Melech came across an Israeli song with a melody that he deeply connected with. The song “Shmor Elay” is a Hebrew song featuring many Israeli vocalists and a powerful spiritual expression. Although Melech is not a fluent a Hebrew speaker, his mother, a native Israeli from Tzfas, explained the deep meaning of the lyrics to him. She explained how the lyrics delve into our relationship with Hashem, and the challenges of nurturing that connection. The song is about how we can sometimes feel so distant from Hashem and Yiddishkeit, yet we still yearn for His love and protection. We may sometimes stray from Hashem’s path, but we constantly strive to be closer to Hashem, build our relationship, and sing with Him.

With the knowledge of the meaning of the lyrics, the song took on a whole new meaning to Melech. He was so inspired by the lyrics and melody, that he wanted to bring it to the Yiddish speaking Jews of the world. Sruly Green, famed vocalist and a good friend, was there to guide Melech and help bring his dream to fruition. He assisted with contacting the musicians, arranger, and even a studio to record the vocals. Sruly also reached out to famous lyricist, Miriam Israeli, to help him craft and translate the song from one language to the next.
Presenting Melech Frank in his debut single.

Music by: Heshy Leitner
Vocals, Mixing & Mastering: Ruli’s Music
Lyrics by: Miriam Israeli
Video production by: Mendy Green – Emruld Media –

Special thanks to my ‘music mentor’ Sruly Green. Words can’t express how much I appreciate your advice, time, and most importantly, friendship. I wouldn’t be where I am today without your support and knowledge. THANK YOU!

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