Sholom Jacobs“Salachti”

In a stirring rendition that tugs at the heartstrings, the international singer and revered Chazan, Sholom Jacobs sings “Salachti.” A new composition of an age-old Yom Kippur prayer that has echoed through the corridors of time, bringing tears and solace to countless souls. “Salachti,” which translates to “You are Forgiven,” is a divine song of absolution, a tender reassurance from God in response to our lapses and failings. The magic of Sholom’s voice, wrapping around the lyrics and embodying every raw emotion and fervor this prayer encapsulates.

In the face of our imperfections and the delicate dance of life, we stand humbly before our Creator on Yom Kippur, not draped in sorrow, but enveloped in joy. A joy sparked by gratitude for life, for every blessing we’ve ever pleaded for. With bowed heads and contrite hearts, we atone, and in infinite compassion, G-d whispers back, “Salachti.”

Salachti” crafted into a poignant visual tale by the masterful director Zvika Bornstein, the narrative captures a moment of anxiety: “Where is the Chazan?” asks the anxious Gabbi, as an entire congregation, eyes darting to the door, waits in bated breath. The tale unfolds, following the Chazan’s winding journey to the synagogue, a path strewn with unforeseen hurdles. But isn’t that a mirror to our own journey? Often, life’s detours keep us from reaching out to the divine. Yet, when we finally do, our merciful God embraces us, whispering, “Salachti.”

Sholom Jacobs, a globally renowned performer and Chazan from Glasgow, Scotland, has graced stages worldwide and collaborated with Jewish music icons like MBD, Gad Elbaz, Avraham Fried and Yaakov Schweky. His album “Pi Shnaim,” features compositions by Yossi Green and Moshe Laufer. His musical journey includes performances in venues such as Carnegie Hall and the Jazz Center at Lincoln Center, and officiations in locations from Israel to Poland. For nearly a decade, he served as the high holidays chazzan at Scotland’s largest shul, Giffnock, before moving to Chabad of the Five Towns in Cedarhurst, NY. For the past four years, Sholom has been the Chazan at the esteemed Chabad of the Shore, a summer hub for over 600 congregants from near and far. He eagerly anticipates leading the high holiday services there once again, alongside his choir.

​Sholom Jacobs has been making his way up the charts and has performed in concerts and festivals throughout the globe. He also collaborated on many projects with leading Israeli and Jewish superstars like Gad Elbaz, Avraham Fried and many more. Sholom is also a well-known Chazan hailing from Glasgow, Scotland and has released the album “Pi Shnaim” with a collection of songs by Yossi Green and Moshe Laufer. Sholom is proud to debut his son Shmuel Jacobs, who has also been on the Jewish music scene, and has been performing alongside his father in beautiful harmonic duets. Also featuring, Noam Bornstein, who is celebrating his Bar Mitzvah this week. Noam performed and appeared in music videos alongside Gad Elbaz, Lipa, Nissim, Meir Kay and others. Noam is pleased to team up with Sholom & Shmuel and take part in this emotionally moving video as a tribute to those who perished in the last few weeks.


Produced & Directed by: Zvika Bornstein

Executive Producer: Sholom Jacobs

Director of photography: Avraham Scheinberg

Edited by: Avraham Sceinberg & Zvika Bornstein

Assistant Director: Yoni Zolden

Graphics & Colorist: Mike Bouhnik

Concept: Zvika Bornstein

Associate producers: Frumi Bornstein

Line producer: Kim Diaz

PA 1: Rebecca Kramer

PA 2: Yoni Zolden

Lighting: David Goodman

Sound: Kim Diaz


Chazan: Shalom Jacobs

Rabbi: Yaakov Greenberg

Gabbi: Jeff Acker

Motorcyclist: Izzy Fried


Freddy Stein

Brian Winokur

Mel Reichman

Moishy Rudnick

Ariel Fine

Moshe Levy

Donny Hillel

Seffy Hillel

Rephal Hillel

Yosef Cohen

Moshe Greenberg

Brian Berg

Moshe Brescher

Song Composed & produced by: Yitzy Waldner

Mix & mastered by: Ravid Kashti

Music Arranged by: Zisha Schnitzler

Drums: Barak Aron

Percussion: Gadi Sari

Bass: Aryeh Volnitz

Piano: Rafy Graydi

Keys: Zisha Schnitzler

Guitars: Avi Singolda

Woodwinds: Dor Asraf

Strings Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra

Special Thanks

Chabad of the Shore & all the staff including

Rabbi Laibel & Chani Schapiro

Rabbi Yaakov & Rivky Greenberg

To my incredibly dear & talented friend

Zvika Bornstein

To my incredible voice coach

Lenora Eve

To my dear friend who started this song

David Hillel

To my wife Pessy & our wonderful children

Shmuel, Chana , Dina & Ari

Branding & PR

HOSHEN Productions

Shlomi Cohen