Watch – Refoel Meir Halpert & A Berko Productions Bring The House Down!

This article is via The Jewish Insights

We are excited to present to you this brand new music video of rising star and wedding sensation Refoel Meir Halpert.

Refoel Meir who has released beautiful & soul stirring singles in the past, shows you a new side of his vocal talent and his amazing ability to perform and entertain a crowd.
Shot at a wedding in The Continental Ballroom a few weeks ago accompanied by Avrumi Berko Production, Refoel Meir took the crowd to new heights with his performance and gave it his all.
After all the amazing feedback Refoel Meir has been receiving he decided to release it in the form of a music video.
With 7 handpicked songs ranging from Chassidish to contemporary hits this dance set will surely wow you and take you to a new level.
Listen, enjoy and make sure to share with friends and family!

Music, Mixed & Arranged By: Avrumi Berko
Vocalist: Refoel Meir Halpert
Guitar: Mendy Oberlander
Clarinet: Yonasen Joseph
Lighting: GW Lighting
Videographer & Editing By: Motty Engel
Digital Marketing By: Motty Klein @MusicOnTime