The Track – Zrilly Werzberger

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I’m thrilled to share ‘The Track‘ with you! This Track is guaranteed to get you dancing Purim and year-round.
So, make a L’chaim, turn the volume up, and let the party begin!

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Performed by: Zrilly!
Produced by: SolBlum
Music Created by: Srulik & Moshe Mendelson
Choir: David Taub
Vocals Recorded at: @edgwarestudio
Post Production: Gershy Schwarcz
Mix: Yanki Cohen
Cover Design: Yechiel Landman
Marketing: SolBlum Media
Zrilly’s Social Media Management: StarLight Media

I want to thank some very special people that are constantly there to support me, and have a big part in this project: My dear wife, My brother Shlomo Yanki Werzberger, Duvid Feder, Avrumy Lunger & Chaim Brown.

For bookings:
Please contact Zrilly!
(347) 902-0667