Get “IN DA GISTA” With Kornblue Production Feat. R’ Shloime Taussig

This article is via The Jewish Insights

INDA-GISTA” (“in the vibe” in Yiddish) is the brand new music dance sensation that’s taking the Jewish music scene by storm! Brought to you by the incredibly talented Yitzchok Kornbluh and the Kornblue Production Band, joined by renowned producer Gershy Schwarcz from Edgware Studios.
INDA-GISTA” features the amazingly talented R’ Shloime Taussig accompanied by the Edgware Group Choir, led by Gershy Schwarcz. This fresh sound is the perfect blend of infectious beats, stunning harmonies, and incredible vocals that’ll keep you dancing all night long.
With the support of project manager Ari Weinberg and project influencer & chief hype man Gedalya WeiserINDA-GISTA” is more than just a dance track, it’s a brand that represents the very best in music that you can witness nightly at events led by the Kornblue Production Band.
So come on and get “INDA-GISTA” today, and let the music rip!

The Kornblue Production Band
Led by Yitzchok Kornbluh
Featuring R’ Shloime Taussig
A Gershy Schwarcz Production
Musical Director: Ari Weinberg
Project manager: Gedalya Weiser
Choir: Isaac Gluck, Duvid Schwarcz, Meir Friedman & Yossi Fulop
The Edgware Group Choir Directed By: Gershy Schwarcz
Guitars: Nachman Dreyer
Brass: Dani Flam @ The New York Brass
Name Creation: IN-DA-GISTA by Gershy Schwarcz
Digital Marketing By: Motty Klein @MusicOnTime