Oorah’s incredible Shabbaton!

Shabbat with Oorah:

“Are you a fellow Jew?” the five-year old boy hollered up at the parrot perched in his cage.
The question might have been ridiculous anywhere else, but given the circumstances and
situation, it somehow just made sense.
This past Shabbos, Oorah hosted multiple kiruv families at  TheZone, their resort-like summer

Shabbos comes every week, but everyone know that Shabbat with Oorah is an extra-
special occasion. Featuring gourmet food, comfortable accommodations, stimulating programs and a warm, friendly atmosphere, everyone leaves on a high.

With guests arriving on Friday and leaving Sunday afternoon, Oorah had to pack inspiration,
entertainment, and meaning into just a few short days. And based on the feedback, they pulled it
off with flair.

The schedule was chock-full with inspiring panels, dynamic speakers, singing, and of course,
TorahMate learning sessions. One man commented that his favorite part of Oorah’s events is always when people get up at the end of the Shabbos to share their stories. “I always get so
emotional when I listen to people’s reflections at the end of Shabbat. Their tears of excitement
and passion as they speak about how they found their way to Oorah and Judaism really make
these stories speak for themselves.”

“It’s such incredible mussar for us,” one frum attendee from Lakewood mused. “Seeing how all
of these Yidden came here to grow, how some of them have turned their whole lives around… It
makes you want to be closer to Hashem.”