WATCH: Simcha LEINER | Mi Adir | ‘Speechless’ – An Instant Beauty!

Simcha Leiner “After hearing the song Speechless from the latest Aladdin film, I was instantly moved. I thought that this would perfectly fit into the “Greatest Chupa” series that I had previously released.
This is my take on the masterful song composed originally by : Alan Menken, Benj Pasek, Justin Paul.

Filmed in Quarantine – By Simcha & Lieba Leiner (that’s right – we shot it ourselves)
Recorded at Simcha Leiner Studios.”


  1. If I remember correctly, you once said in an interview that you bidavka do not use goyishe songs as the basis for your music. I am surprised and disappointed that you chose do so now.
    Obviously, Hashem is sending us a powerful message through COVID19. Now, is not the time to sink lower, now is the time to improve ourselves to show Hashem that His message sank in. Next time you’re “inspired” by a goyishe tune ask yourself if you’d sing the tune to greet Moshiach. If the answer is “No, of course not” then don’t sing it at all.


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