WATCH: Brand New Song Yaakov Shwekey Released in Honor of his Daughters Wedding!

Shwekey was moved by the Words in Rashi according to Machilta β€œThat the Shechinah came out to them as a chattan coming out for a kallah, and that is what Hashem said from Sinai came and was not told Sinai came.”

Composer: Yitzi Waldner
Musical Production and Production: Tamir Tzur

Guitars: Moore Ear
Percussion: Hezi Jacob
Programmatic, Loops, Symbols and Keyboards: Tamir Tzur
Other keyboards: Or Cohen
Trumpet and Trombone: Danny Plum
Saxophone: Asraf generation
Voices: Itzie Waldner and Jacob Shawaki
Mix: Tamir Tzur
Mastering: Ron High School
Recorded in studios:
Musical Minds Tamir Tire 2020
STUDIO6 Lakewood NJ


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