WATCH: Brand New Song Yaakov Shwekey Released in Honor of his Daughters Wedding!

Shwekey was moved by the Words in Rashi according to Machilta “That the Shechinah came out to them as a chattan coming out for a kallah, and that is what Hashem said from Sinai came and was not told Sinai came.”

Composer: Yitzi Waldner
Musical Production and Production: Tamir Tzur

Guitars: Moore Ear
Percussion: Hezi Jacob
Programmatic, Loops, Symbols and Keyboards: Tamir Tzur
Other keyboards: Or Cohen
Trumpet and Trombone: Danny Plum
Saxophone: Asraf generation
Voices: Itzie Waldner and Jacob Shawaki
Mix: Tamir Tzur
Mastering: Ron High School
Recorded in studios:
Musical Minds Tamir Tire 2020
STUDIO6 Lakewood NJ


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