Friends Use ‘Chesed Fund’ to Raise Funds For Wedding Limo

In preparation for the upcoming wedding of Yecheil and Rina last December, their friends wanted to do something special to mark their special day.

They decided on gifting them a limo ride and Glendfiddich whiskey on the way home from the wedding. But a limo and expensive whiskey is too much for one person to pay for. What to do?

So they banded together on The Chesed Fund and joined forces. Together, the Choson and Kallah’s friends raised $400 and made their wedding dream come true.

The text on the campaign read as follows:

‘After driving around in pinsk in station wagon’s and drinking soy milk for years let Yecheil and Rina ride home after there special night in a Limo and drink Glenfiddich!!  Please help raise a par dallas for the limo! Iyh simchas by you! ‘

Their friends who donated even used the “In honor/memory of” option to include messages for the happy couple:

·      In honor of Best 8th grade counselor
·      In memory of The Pinsker Yechiel… That’s gone forever! 🙂
·      In honor of Good times

Simcha Spot reached out to Avi Kehat, founder of ‘The Chesed Fund’ and asked him his thoughts on this campaign.

“I’m ecstatic to see that the platform is used for any type of Chesed, I love the idea of friends joining together and bringing simcha” Kehat told us over the phone

“When people think of The Chesed Fund, the first thing they think of are charity campaigns. This feel good story shows how Chesed is universal and can be applied in many ways” concluded Kehat.

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