“Save The Date” – A Simcha Spot Series


This story goes back a little while. I was 22 years old at the time and had been dating for 3-4 years. We checked into a boy “redt” to us by a prominent Shadchan. Everything sounded amazing and we gave a yes. The shadchan called and said that Monday and Tuesday night works for the boy to have our first date. Monday night didn’t work for us as my parents had a prior commitment and would not be able to be there to meet the boy as is the custom in our family. Tuesday worked for us, and the date was set. I set up a hair and makeup appointment for 3 pm Tuesday afternoon. I was very much looking forward..!
Monday evening was as hectic as it gets. My parents were out for the evening. The house was flying. I was home with my sister who was 19 years old (at the time), watching the kids and getting them to bed. 
7:00 there was a knock at the door. 
I was upstairs bathing the kids. My younger sister went to see who was at the door. She opened up the door and sees a guy standing there. Thinking it was a Meshulach, she tells him that her parents aren’t home, can he come back tomorrow. He figured my sister thought he was a Meshulach and from upstairs I heard him say, “It’s alright, I’m not collecting. In here for a date.” My sister (stammering) told him “it’s it’s the wrong night. The date is supposed to be Tuesday. Not Monday.” 
I was frozen in place upstairs. Torn as can be. The house was a wreck. I was a wreck. This was the first date. I wanted to make as good of an impression as I could. I didn’t prepare at all. Let alone my parents weren’t home. It was his fault he showed up the wrong night, not my fault. On the other hand, here is a guy who just drove over an hour to date me. He must be feeling as dumb as one can feel. I ran downstairs. And told him to go to the nearest Shul and Daven Maariv and when he is done, I will be ready to go out with him. And that’s exactly what happened.
This story was sent to us by one of our followers.  Feel free to share you story with us (will reamin anonymous upon request)