The Time is Now

January 9, 2017
It was a sunny winter's day, when four young Jews were brutally mowed down by a flat bed truck. A lighthearted outing turned to terror. There was a buzz in ZAKA volunteer's pockets as they received the notification "MULTIPLE CASUALTIES." They left their homes & their places of work to rush toward the scene.  CLICK HERE TO HELP ZAKA NOW
As civilians and soldiers ran from the scene to save themselves, ZAKA volunteers ran the action to save lives. They gathered and transported the lifeless bodies of four Jews who died far, far too young. If you are waiting for the time to support ZAKA - The time is now. ZAKA volunteers risk their lives and willingly traumatize themselves to make sure that the body parts of the viciously murdered are gathered with respect. They go home to their families with images in their minds that they can truly never, ever unsee. How they will move on is their own personal journey. But how the organization will move on, how they will continue to have the resources they need to continue to do their work in each gruesome scene of terror, depends on the flow of people like us who choose to give. Please join ZAKA in their work, and  give what you can. CLICK HERE TO JOIN ZAKA CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL CAMPAIGN