This Doughnut Stand Only Accepts Tefilos As Payment

THE DOUGHNUT STAND THAT ONLY ACCEPTS PRAYERS, NOT MONEY - Meet Eitan Berlin. Eitan is 10 years old and decided to trade in his doughnut sales for...

INBOX: “Don’t you Have…like a Catalog…to Show Me of Girls?”

Dear SimchaSpot, A young man came to see me yesterday about helping him find a shidduch. After speaking to him on the phone prior to meeting him and...

Is LIPA the Driver of the NaNach Bus in Lakewood?


WATCH: NaNach’s Invade Lakewood on Motzei Shabbos


This is Dudi Kalish and His Son Singing a Gorgeous Song – WATCH

Composer and choir leader Dudi Kalisch was flown in from Israel to Montreal, Canada, last February to perform at the ninth annual dinner of Yaldei, an organization...

WOW!! – Check out This Freestyle Rappin’ YID Rocking Out this Chassunah!


This Is How You Make Kiddish During The Week With Mr. Nanach Lichtenstein

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This Singing Na Nach Doll is Adorable (And a Little Bit Creepy)