Jewish Metal Band Does ‘Oh Hanukkah’ Like You’ve Definitely Never Heard it Before


This Year’s Chanukah Light Show on the Old City Walls


Little Boy is Confused – ‘What is Chanukah Gelt?’


Watch this “Jewno Mars” Parody Video – 44 Candle Magic This video, a parody of Bruno Mars' song and video "24k Magic, was created by Erez Cohen. As seen on OnySimchas.

These Hanukkah Tweets Are Hilarious

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Menorah Under the Sea We've seen some Menorah's in some pretty creative places, but underneath the sea is a new level. Source: hidabrut

Hilarious: Creative Menorah Made Out of Vegetables

What should the next candle be?

How’s that post Purim hangover?

Tell us, how bad is it?

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