The New Album from Yehuda Green titled “Amar Abayeh” is already making waves throughout the world. We’re returned to our roots with hartzige nigunim sung in classic Yehuda style.

It seems like only yesterday that Yehuda released his fifth studio album “Neshamale” with hits like “Mashiach” and “V’enhapoch Hu” among others. Now Yehuda sings about the amoraim of the gemarah, simchas hotorah, and our hope to return to our land, the land given to our fathers, to Eretz Hakodesh.

Amar Abayeh features not ten, but thirteen 13 songs from the Carlebach of our generation. Songs like “Venismach”, “Amar Abayeh”, and “Ribono Shel Oilam” are sure to be favorites for the Summer season, and years to come.

Amar Abayeh is available wherever Jewish music can be found