Welcome to Verplank – Family Friendly Kosher Comedy Series about Starting New Jewish Community – Only on YidFlicks

They’re named Avi, Feishy, Mitch and Yechiel Michel Raphael Menachem (yep, that’s his name), and they have big plans to build a new Orthodox Jewish community in Verplanck, an actual city in upstate NY with just a few hundred residents. The town locals have no clue what Orthodox Judaism or these newcomers are about.

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That’s the story line behind “Verplanck”, the comedy series exclusively streaming on YidFlicks debuted. The series follows the exploits of four heroes as they embark on a journey to create a new religious Jewish community away from it all. These urban dwellers plan to leave the high-priced, bustling city behind and move to the boonies where they face new challenges with camaraderie, determination and plenty of humor.

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