Ayeka Project Presents: 8th Day & Yossi Zucker – “Im Ani Kan”

A new song from the Ayekah Project featuring 8th Day and Yossi Zucker encourages listeners to avoid distractions and live in the moment. The chorus quoting the Hillel’s wise words, “Im ani kan hakol kan” (“If I am here, then everyone is here), can also mean that we can only find success and truth when we are truly “here.”

The Ayeka Project is a musical group based in Brooklyn, New York, that aims to blend Jewish spirituality and music. The name, Ayeka, is derived from the Hebrew word for “where are you,” and it reflects the group’s mission of helping people connect with their inner selves and with a higher spiritual power. The Ayeka Project‘s music draws on various Jewish traditions and incorporates elements of rock, folk, and world music. The group’s music is often introspective and spiritual in nature, with lyrics that explore themes such as self-discovery, personal growth, and the search for meaning and purpose in life.


Composed & Performed by: 8th Day and Yossi Zucker

Produced & Arranged by: Mendy Portnoy @Fabrengable Studios

Mixed and Mastered by: Yehuda Pinsker

Lyrical Video by: Mati Shriki

Project Sponsored by: Ayeka Projects

The AYEKA project has been dedicated in part

 לעילוי נשמת דוד מיכאל בן הר׳ שלמה צבי מרדכי

David Kaufler lived in Har Nof, Jerusalem. He is best described with the verses 

״ הולך תמים.. דובר אמת בלבבו לא רגל על לשנו״

״והוי מקבל את כל האדם בסדר פנים יפות״