Chaim Israel, Ahrele Samet, Meir Adler, Bentzi Stein & Ari Hill “Fire in Meron” Presented By Ohr Rashbi

Melodies of yearning, joy and enthusiasm, interwoven with genius that combines ancient emotional melodies from the past with songs that have recently been released. The great Chassidic singer joins the Mizrachi singer under the composer Bentzi Stein.

In honor of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

Music: Itzik Eisenstadt
Choir: acapella conducted by Nati Rotman
Clarinet: Avreimy Balti
Guitar: Srulik Kletzkin
Mix: Yanky Cohen
Studio: Yonatan Blau
Graphics: Shimon Rochman SBR
Videography: Shneur Munis
Production and representation of artists: Bentzi Stein and Ari Hill – Nuta Levine 054-8454159
PR: Berish Filmer