TYH Presents: Sunrise Medidtations (Acapella) Chaim Ghoori

TYH Presents

Sunrise Medidtations (Acapella)

Chaim Ghoori

1 – Hisbatlus

2 – Baal Shem

3 – I Love You Hashem

4 – Bardichev

Thank You Hashem invites you on a contemplative journey perfect for the transformative days between Pesach and Shavuos.

Immerse yourself in the intricate harmonies and soothing melodies that resonate from the purest of instruments—the human voice.

With four incredible tracks, “Hisbatlus” deliberately focuses on quality over quantity. Each unaccompanied vocal arrangement offers a meditative space to cultivate introspection and build your inner strength during this sacred period of growth. 

TYH Music / Mendy Portnoy / Farbrengable Studios