Are you invited to a traditional Jewish wedding? Are you interested in the traditions and customs that people of the Jewish faith observe in their wedding ceremonies? We have some useful information for you that is typical of a traditional Jewish wedding, and which will give you a good overview of how such a wedding is run.

The Jewish wedding is named after the wedding canopy of the same name: the chuppah. As a very religious celebration, there are strict rules and a prescribed daily schedule. Many ancient rites find their place in this ceremony and thus determine the guiding principle of a Jewish wedding. There are many synagogues in Canada, as Congregation Beth Israel Ohev Sholem and Congregation Emanu-El.

Marriage in Judaism

In Judaism, marriage is regarded as a divine commandment. Marriage is considered an essential foundation for a healthy existence and officially secures the intention of procreation. It is therefore customary for the future husband not only to swear eternal fidelity and sincere love to his beloved during the marriage ceremony but also to pledge to always satisfy her sexually. In Progressive Judaism today, many provisions regarding forbidden unions or limiting the number of marriages no longer apply. 

The bride and groom may not see each other for at least 24 hours before the wedding. 

Jewish traditions

Jewish weddings are never performed on Saturdays – there are also several other unsuitable days. As a rule, therefore, people get married on a Tuesday – the significance of this day of the week is evident in the Bible’s teaching on creation and is therefore authoritative for a Jewish bride and groom. The marriage contract is signed by the husband in the presence of the rabbi and two witnesses. All Jewish weddings are very traditional – so there are certain activities all the guests of the ceremony do (for example, people do not play online casino Canada, but dance in a traditional way and eat traditional dishes.

The wedding ceremony

The chatan dresses all in white on the day of the wedding. A white suit, shirt, shoes – the color of cleanliness is meant to illustrate honesty and faithfulness within the upcoming marriage. The rabbi reads out the marriage contract previously signed by the future husband – during which the relatives are informed of the financial obligation. The seven blessings are then quoted while the bride and groom, under a canopy, punctuate the rabbi’s speech with a glass of wine. The future spouses put on the rings and officially become husband and wife with the phrase:” Behold, you are consecrated to me with this ring according to the laws of Moses and Israel”.

At the very end of the ceremony, it comes the tradition when the groom smashes a breakable glass by stepping on it with his foot. Wedding guests shout:” Mazal tov!” which begins the festivities and celebration. Even though engagement and marriage are celebrated together, this is made up for with long celebrations. Poultry dishes and eggs are seen as symbols of fertility, fish are said to symbolize procreation and, as with non-Jewish weddings, there is also a typical wedding cake, various types of sweets that are said to foretell a sweet life.

Jewish wedding customs have their special charm and if you are ever a guest at such a wedding, enjoy this atmosphere. We hope this has given you at least a small overview. Mazal Tov!