Craziest Dating Story! Kids Have No Filter! 🤣🤪

I was about to be picked up on a first date. I had asked all my little siblings to please behave and be nice. My little sister (age 4) asked why she can only say hi for a minute and then has to leave. I explained because I’m very nervous. She agreed and I was able to finally relax. So my date knocks on the door, and we shmooze for a bit.

My little sister, Miri comes out to say the quick hello we practiced in advance. It was all going great and just as were heading out the door…Miri announces in the loudest voice possible “I can’t talk to you any longer because Shani said she is very nervous about the date so I am only allowed to say hi for one minute” The good thing is my date found it really funny. I think next time I will get picked up from a neighbors house 😂

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