Craziest Dating Story! A very odd location for a date ????‍♀️

It was our second date and in the car on the way to the date – I asked him where we were actually going. He said “oh lol so I was thinking to take you to my house for the date but then I thought that might freak you out because my family will be around and it’s only the second date.”
So I was like yeah lol so where are we going… and then we proceeded to go to HIS FAMILY HOME.

I have never felt so awkward in my whole life. His mom had set up some pastries and coffee and there was a fire place and we sat in his lounge… his parents walked past a couple times so I had to say hello, it was just so awkward wow.
Didn’t end up working out and he didn’t think it was a weird place to go on a second shidduch date????????

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