Now thats HP! A Shabbos neis ????

Nothing is coincidence, it is all from above! Here is the latest submission from a @simchaspot follower: I was on a business trip and got stuck away from my family for shabbos in a hotel. There was no kosher food anywhere nearby and I was planning to have to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on shabbos.

I made shabbos in the hotel room and after a little while I opened the fridge and there was tons of pre made shabbos food! Chulent, kugel, chicken, grape juice and more! I found our afterwards that their was a frum family in that very hotel room who was going to stay for shabbos but ended up leaving last minute and decided to not take the food. If that’s not Hashgacha Pratis I don’t know what is!

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