There is new song out from world reknown composer Rabbi Benzion Klatzko!

Rabbi Klatzko has inspired this generation with his raw truthful emotional words and songs for years.

This new publication features a young man with a powerful sweet and soulful sound the song is guaranteed to give chills.

Quoting the timeless words in Megillas Eichah – “Nachpisa Derachanu Venachkora Venashuva Ad Hashem”, which translates “let us search in our ways and be honest about them, and we will return to hashem.”

As this unknown singer, a young man by the name of Yoel Bader sings this song, he brings out the sheer yearning for hHashem and Hashem’s unconditional love for his children.

The voice rises and falls with complete control of the lows and highs.

Make sure this is the first song you listen to after Sefira is over and we usher in Lag Baomer.

You will not be disappointed.