The fun, exciting novel that inspires like a hashkafa sefer – and makes life make sense, even today. For both adults and teens. Open When You Are – by Ben Ackerman

Special, very limited time giveaway to be m’chazik the rabbim in these trying times.

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Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser has this to say about Open When You Are:

“’Open When You Are’ takes you on an amazing ride. Its charismatic characters, humor, first-class writing, and flowing, twisting plot keep the pages turning… What makes it so amazing is that in this novel, everything – from its story line to its eye-opening ideas – presents a ‘parallel reality’ to the mystical secrets that lie behind Judaism and its practice. (This fact was confirmed by an English-speaking well-known Dayan who I know in Jerusalem, who read the book thoroughly.) This is not a ‘Jewish’ book in the traditional sense. In fact, religion or Judaism isn’t even mentioned once. But if you pay close attention to the metaphor, you can gain a deeper and clearer understanding of the amazingly meaningful life we live as Jews…”

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Chazak v’amatz!

– Ben Ackerman[email protected]


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