Looking to get Married? Go on Shidduch View – THE VIDEO DATE APP


    Looking to get Married?
    Go on Shidduch View – THE VIDEO DATE APP.

    Its a New kind of Dating App… LIKE NO OTHER.

    The highly effective dating system of the Ultra-Religious has been tailored through innovation and state-of-the-art Technology to be available and practical for all.
    Does it actually work?
    So far, in around Half of the Video Dates, both people gave a “Yes” to go out again. We look forward to improving the computer’s matching accuracy.

    1. Computer Matchmaker arranges the match.
    2. Two people have the Video Date on the platform.
    3. The system follows-up & schedules their next Video date.
    4. Marriage Counselors / Dating Experts and Shadchanim are available for phone, email, and or video call assistance.

    How much does it cost?
    Given the worldwide environment, we are offering 1 month free and than it is $18 per month. Shadchan and Marriage Counselor-Dating Expert assistance is extra.

    How can someone go on the platform?
    The app is available for Apple and Android.

    Who endorses it?
    We are endorsed by Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser, Rabbi Akiva Tatz, Rabbi Ben Tzion Klatzko, and Rabbi Daniel Koren.

    How does it work:
    At a universal established set time, which occurs once per day (Sun – Thurs) a person may go on one “blind” Video date for 5 min… They are matched based on life outlook and personality. THERE ARE NO PICTURES in advance. It goes straight to a video call.

    The universal Date Times are (Eastern Time):
    Sunday – 2:30pm
    Mon & Thur – 5:30pm
    Tues & Wed – 9:30pm

    People must have the app open before the Date Time to be part of that days 1 and only Date Matching. When the timer in the top left corner of the main screen finishes, the system attempts to calculate the best dates between who is online. PLEASE NOTE: Attendance fluctuates daily, so dates aren’t guaranteed. If someone isn’t matched, they are then given a priority Matching Pass, which makes it more likely the next time they are online they will have a date. (We look forward to providing a guaranteed date system.)

    A big factor of how the system matches people is based on how many questions they answer. The system tries to make the best matches possible. The more a person answers, the more there is to match them on.

    What happens next?
    Once they go out and they both say “Yes” to going out again, we will reach out, schedule, and coordinate their next dates. They can also request for a Shadchan to speak to as well as a Marriage Counselor – Dating Expert.

    How it works:

    What the app looks like:

    7 Dating Tips:

    Download links available at:

    On a personal note:
    To those that are looking for their spouse, on behalf of the entire Shidduch View Team,
    we wish we could express to you how much we look forward to your wedding.

    Be”h Simchos Bikarov
    Ben Tzion Elchonen

    Ps. We’re about Bottom-line results…
    Creating Happy and Healthy Marriages.


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