WATCH: Brand New Yonatan Razel – ‘If you want to travel’

Yonaton Penned the Following: A New York native and mom who was in Woodstock, I was first and foremost exposed to Bob Dylan, the Beatles, etc. and my first songs were like that. But I waited a long time for it to come out naturally.

I saw this sentence on a wall in an airport in South Africa nearly twenty years ago when I missed a plane back to Israel on Friday and had to look for a place to sleep with friends of friends. The sentence is a smart African tribal sentence that speaks to the fact that if you want to travel fast – go it alone. But if you want to travel far, drive along. strong. For many years I dreamed of completing the sentence, expanding the idea and composing it until one day it happened.

The clip of great director Shira Billig describes a journey of a lone earth man finding his way to the heat of a family and home.
This is actually the first song that I record in English, but there are some more in store and I hope it will be part of a bigger project.



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