WATCH: ‘Wish at the Wall 2020 Recap’ The Heartwarming Power of Chai Lifeline!

The Hartman Family Foundation Wish at the Wall is a ten-day excursion to Israel for teens who have fought brave battles against cancer and finished their treatment. Each teen brings along a parent who has fought beside him and her to share the journey from patient to active adolescent. The group spends ten days touring Israel from north to south, east to west; in that time, they discover who they have become and what they want to be in their lives.

Wish at the Wall is made possible by a generous donation from the Hartman Family Foundation. It is a program of Chai Lifeline Midwest.

Chai Lifeline is the international children’s health support organization the gives families the tools they need to cope with the crises and challenges of life-threatening illnesses, disabilities, and chronic disease.


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