WATCH: How One Family Turned Their own Tragedy Into Helping Create ’10KBatyaYisroel’ – GO MAKE THAT SHIDDUCH!

The tragedy that occured of the young chosson and kallah left us all feeling broken. Remarkably, R’ Shaya Levin asked at the levaya that in exchange for the pure souls, there should be 10,000 shidduchim as a gift from Heaven. Let us show Hashem that we want to be the messengers of these 10,000 shidduchim and together make 10,000 shidduch suggestions in honor of Yisroel and Elisheva.

This initiative, 10K Batay Yisroel, literally translates as ten thousand Jewish homes, as the goal is to build thousands of Jewish homes. It can also be written as בתי’ ישראל, in memory of the home we lost, the home of Elisheva Basya and Yisroel.


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