The Razal family finishes the Shas together with thousands of Jews around the world as They Sing “Achas Sh’Alti” Together

Words: Psalm 27
One I asked from God that I would ask
I stayed in the House of God all my life
• • •
Composer: Pinkie Webber (the song was first performed on the album “Junglerich”)
Ministers: Rabbi Micha, Jonathan, Aharon and Rabbi Yehuda Razal
Processing, musical production, string processing and conducting: Jonathan Razal
Piano: Jonathan Razal
Bass: Gilad Efrat
Guitars: Amit Yitzhak
Violin: Eyal Shiloah and Leon Tulchinsky
Viola: Eddie Shubiev
Cello: Mikey Ziv
Drums: Oak Juice
Mix: Jeff Horowitz
Mastering: Arn Lavie
Recording and Editing: Daniel Aloni Studios
Actual Production: Lior Moshe Shalom
Script script: Nati Alber and Estee Wasserman
Director of Photography and Editing: Nati Alber

“Achat Sha’alti”
lyrics: Psalms 27.4
music: Pinki Webber
Singing: Rav Micha, Yonatan, Aaron and Rav Yehuda Raz’el
Musical production, string and vocal arrangement -Yonatan Raz’el


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