Motty Ilowitz New Music Video [Shiezoli]: “Brivele” – Sung With Such Depth and Emotion, and the Melody is Just Overwhelmingly Toucing and Fitting

[Shiezoli] This song “Brivele” – “בריוועלע” became an instant and widespread hit. The lyrics describe the concept and connection of the ‘Tehilim’ with such depth and emotion, and the melody is just overwhelmingly touching and fitting.

The song was written and composed by Motty Ilowitz, and was originally released vocally on Motty Steinmentz’s first album. Now, we present to you this stunning piece performed live – at the recent Bonei Olam dinner – by the composer, Motty Ilowitz, himself, accompanied by the magnificent Sababa Band and The Shira Choir and with the twist of the talented Sand-Artist Ahron Bernstein, from Israel.


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