MUST READ: Global Superstar Luis Fonsi Comments on Instagram About Jewish Music

“Love for music brings us all together”. That’s what Luis Fonsi said after he came across two popular Chassidic performers covering his recent hit at a Jewish wedding.

Luis released his song called “Despacito” earlier this year, to a massive response. The song currently has close to 3.4 billion views on Youtube, and is played constantly on the radio. The anthem is regularly heard playing out of cars driving on the street.

How unusual it would be for a non jewish star of that magnitude to be associated with the orthodox jewish community.

A video recently circulated of two popular wedding performers, Yossi Shtendig (keyboard) and Levy Falkowitz (vocals), playing a Hebrew version of Despacito (originally performed by Amram Adar). The video went viral, and soon found it’s way to the original artist, Luis Fonsi, who promptly reposted the video on his instagram page with the following caption (translated from Spanish):

“The love of music unites us all. Music does not discriminate. Music does not understand differences in religion, culture, race or language. We all love it. We all understand it. Israel, see you soon! #Despacito”

The post can be found below: