WATCH: Beri Weber – Rabi Shimon [Official Video] feat. Malchus Choir

“Rabi Shimon” Official Video!!!

Six months after the release of his most recent album titled Aguda Achas, the time his come for the official music video!!

Since the album release the 10 Song “Rabi Shimon” became “a hit” and very popular at weddings and other simchas in the Chassidish community.

There is no better time than today, in honor of Lag Baomer and in honor of Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai to release this clip. BERI and the “Malchus Choir” Chevre in Meiron by the Tzion of Harashbi.

Both those who are there today, and even those who aren’t, this clip will give you the essence of what Lag Baomer in Meiron is all about. From the Hadlaka on the roof (Chanuka), the Hisoirirus by the Tzion (Yomim Noraim), and the celebration and dancing in the Chatzer (Simchas Torah), you will surely be inspired!!

WATCH n’ SHARE v’Lag Baomer Sameach!!!


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