Frum & Single – Episode #2: In the Hospital

This is the second post in the series called “Frum & Single: stories of serial daters”. Read the first post here, and share your story with us at

Being 25 and single has its advantages.

Tonight I’m staying overnight at Memorial Hospital to care for a hospitalized child. This will allow his parents to sleep in their own beds, which they haven’t done in weeks.

He’s 9 years old.

Skinny. Weak. Swollen eyes.

As always, I bring him a red smoothie. Red, because it’s his favorite color. Smoothie, so it won’t be too difficult for him to drink.

He finishes the smoothie and tell him about some current events. What Trump has said or done today, for example.

Then he plays with my phone – I’ve downloaded a few games especially for him.

He loses very quickly.

His arms are so weak that he can’t press the buttons hard or fast enough. I fight back tears as he resolutely restarts the game over and over and over again. I’m amazed at how tenacious this kid is.

“How come you never get upset when you lose?”

He puts the phone down and raises his eyebrows to look at me. “It’s because I’m used to losing.”

I burst into tears.

We talk a while longer and I try finding him something funny to watch so he can go to sleep happy. Then I kiss him good night.

Once he’s asleep I turn to my phone and write this post. I think to myself “Yes, I’m 25 and still single. But there are so many good things going for  me. I’m healthy. I’m strong. I’ve got a job.

“True, I am not married and all my friends are. But when one thing doesn’t go wrong in my life, I can instantly forget all the good. We jump to complain so quickly, and yet neglect to feel grateful for all the good that comes along the way.

So to all the mothers and fathers out there, when you’ve had a bad day, remember, at least you’re not in and out of the hospital every day. To my fellow singles, at least we have full control of our arms and legs and aren’t waiting for our next surgery.

Let’s take a moment to thank Hashem for what we have been given.



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