Soldiers Are More Likely To Be Targetted For Terror Attacks

In light of this week’s horrific terror attack, it is more important than ever to show our support for the young soldiers of Eretz Yisroel. Soldiers are often the victims of violent terror. Imagine being only 18 years old, volunteering for your country, and living in constant fear of being stabbed or run over on the street. Now, imagine having no family to return to for moral support. That is the case for Israel’s lone soldiers. 

What is a ‘lone soldier?”

Lone soldiers are special young men who choose to come from all over the world to Eretz HaKodesh to serve in the IDF, without a family to go home to at the end of a long day or deployment.

They leave everything behind in their personal life to fight and protect klal yisroel.

They do not have the option of returning home to their parents on shabbos or yomim tovim.

The Mission: 

One special & choshuve yid in particular goes out of his way to make sure that these young men feel at home and supported – The Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Rav Aryeh Stern.

Rav Stern treats the lone soldiers as though they are his very own sons. He arranges their shabbos meals, gives shiurim, helps them buys things for their houses, and even visits & brings them food.

He needs help with resources to futher the programming for events and  for these brave yidden.

We can show these young soldiers our hakaras hotov by sending a personal message of support. Help Rav Aryeh Stern with his mission of giving encouragement and making them feel at home.

Click HERE to adopt a soldier. 


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