This Muslim Boy is the Hero Who Helped Catch the Attacker of Jewish Orthodox Woman

OnlySimchas spoke with the boy:

OSN: So what happened, how did this start?

Ahmed: I was on the Q train siting across from the victim. And the perp just came out of no where and hit the poor Jewish lady in the face hard enough that she was bleeding.

OSN: What made you spring into action?

Ahmed: An incident like this has happened before so I just sprang and started chasing him after I made sure she was OK. And at the same time I called the police and with the help of the Jewish volunteers (Shomrim) that help try to stop people like him, we were able to stop the bus and I yelled at him and he felt like a coward and tried to hide. He was very aggressive, when the police placed him in the squad car, he kicked the door so hard that it broke.

OSN: What do you think motivated this man to attack the Jewish woman out of nowhere. Hate crime or was he deranged?

Ahmed: To be honest I don’t really know, he seemed like a normal guy but he didnt act like it.


Ahmed Khalifa with a friend

Ahmed, who does not consider himself a hero said, “ I just want people to know that no matter what race, religion, belief, etc. you are I think of everyone as equal and I’ll do anything to make sure people know that. “

This is not the first time Ahmed stepped into action. Ahmed, recently saved a homeless man who was about to commit suicide by jumping off a train. To Ahmed, this is just another day in the life of Ahmed Khalifa.


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