WATCH: Draw-dropping Music Video for Mendel Roth’s “Mincha”

Inspired, seemingly, by the mannequin challenge, this amazing music video for Mendel Roth’s new song boasts top-notch production and shows life in a Polish Jewish shtetl.

Filmed in the Ukraine with over 50 actors, it was produced by Shalom Eisenbach, who served as consultant and guide for the famous Shtisel TV show.

Reb Mendel Roth, son of the Shomrei Emunim rebbe, composed the song “Mincha” while Boro Park. “I walked into a grocery store and heard the storekeeper ask his friend in Yiddish, ‘Until what time can I still daven mincha…?’ I went out into the street and sang the new song to myself.”

Lyrics translated into English

Until what time can I still daven mincha… (3) Oy, mincha…

My dear Yid, please remember, the time is already short, the Creator is waiting, the door is still open, no my child, come and daven mincha…

And Yitzchok went out to supplicate in the field… he went out, went out, went out, it’s already late for mincha…

And Yitzchok went out to supplicate in the field… He went out, went out, went out, come and daven mincha…


Music, lyrics, and singer: Mendel Roth

Voices: Shira Choir

Song production and vocal arrangements: Eli Shprei

Musical arrangements: Chesky Breuer – Mendy Hershkowitz

Mixed by: Yaniv Balas

Production: Shalom Eisenbach

Screenplay: Ariel Cohen

Directed by: Alex Osmolovsky

Editor: Benny Shklovsky

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