Insane Story of Hashgacha with Rabbi Paysach Krohn

The internet is going crazy ever since Henri Rosenberg posted the following:

“I must share an amazing amazing story that occurred today!! This is all true. There’s a girl Raquel Martone from the five towns. Some of you might know her. Now she’s Katz She has twin girls who are 4 and decided to finally take a vacation basically for the first time since they were born. She never wanted to leave them. While in Miami the first week of June she suddenly fainted one afternoon with no forewarning and then went into a coma. Her husband and family were beside themselves! The doctors were baffled and couldn’t understand what had made it all happen. After a week of sitting with her in the Miami hospital they transferred her to New York so they could all do round the clock rotation closer to home. Weeks and weeks went by. Nothing changed except that her condition deteriorated bit by bit.

Her in laws Katz from Baltimore had the girls. And her parents sat by her all the time. This week they decided that 40 women would go together to the Queens cemetery that has R Yaakov Kaminetsky, R Henoch Lebowitz, R Yaakov Yosef, R Reuven Grozofsky Etc a lot of great gedolim and they would daven there together. They asked R Paysach Krohn to come and lead them in Tefillah. Today was the day!!! And much more than 40 women showed. R Krohn spoke a few minutes and then led them in Tehillim And they started davening with real intensity and fervor. It was emotional for everyone. And suddenly Mrs Martone’s cell phone rang!

It was her son in law. Raquel who was on a respirator and a trach had just woken up!!! Everyone was crying! R Krohn was speechless. My mothers close friend Chaya Czermak was there. She said she it was a sight not to be believed. She called my mother on the spot. My mother said you could hear the crying and excitement of everyone thru the phone!! This is true!! It happened today.”