Yitzi Ackerman In A New Single For Tu Bishvat “Avarechecha”

Rabbi Yitzi Ackerman, who is known to thousands of yeshiva students in Israel and the USA for his musical and musical instruments, in which he plays, sings and lectures, releases another intriguing single for the 2nd tribe, “Avarechecha” which he wrote and composed. Lior Abramov and Zahar Barak are entrusted with the musical arrangement and production

R’.’ Yitzi writes: I wrote “Avarechecha” in the last few days. The song expresses the tefillah to Hakadosh Baruch Hu, that we will be able to adhere to His standards. Man is not the tree of the field, and in the image of God man was created. Our tefillah to him is with the same mouth that he opened in us, that we may be able to thank and praise and stick to his standards.

In the hope that the song will appear on the table of kings and will strengthen and inspire at least one Jew from now until the next Tu Bishvat.