What Is Digging & What Is Allowed? Nussi Liberman Gets You Sorted With His New Single

Amidst the multitude of “permission to publish” notices, Nussi Liberman today permits the publication of a new and intriguing single “Chafar” which he wrote together with Aharla Nachshoni, and composed himself, the arrangement also by Nachshoni

Nussi writes: Everything is dug! All this war dug! Who needs heroes? Who needs enemies? Who needs speakers and statements of all kinds?? Who needs bereaved families? Who needs elections? Just finish off our enemies once and for all, and let us live already and go back to a quiet life

Really but… not to silence the enemy for a few days, to think and believe that he is not planning to come out on me tomorrow… just real silence. Just want to live and love.

And if this is the opinion of everyone, including the decision makers, then I strongly believe that all of this will end very soon. May we see better days.