Ten Li Koach – Yaakov Shwekey In A Song of Tefilla For Uri Danino, Who Was Kidnapped In Gaza

A few weeks after the start of the war, I arrived in Israel to sing and try to strengthen the soldiers and the families of the kidnapped. We performed at bases, weddings and hospitals, and more than empowering others, we were empowered ourselves by the immense powers of these heroes.

In one of the cases, we participated in a Hafrashat Challah event together with the families of the abductees, including the parents of the boy Uri Danino who was abducted in Gaza. Boruch Hashem we formed a special and deep connection with Einav Efrat, Uri’s mother, and we also invited her to us in the US to try and help in any way possible.

It is impossible to describe the strength and faith of this dear woman, who despite the enormous difficulty when her son is held captive by human animals, she still spreads confidence and faith in God and influences all of us. She goes around the schools here in the USA and strengthens thousands of children with her full faith in Hashem.

One day when we were sitting at home, I played her a song that Shlomi Azriel had sent me titles ‘Ten Li Koach‘. The song talks about exactly these matters. The song moved her to tears and she explained to me that the song describes exactly her feelings during these difficult days.

I told her right away that I would record the song and release it so that everyone could join in the prayers and the great hope. And the truth is that ‘Give me strength’ is not a song, but a prayer for the speedy safe return of Uri Ben Einav Efrat Danino, together with all our brothers and sisters who are captives in Gaza.