Singer & Composer Avi Podolinski With A New Optomistic Single “Lehamshich”

Avi Podolinski, a singer and composer from Nativ, from a young age breathed and grew up in music and even began to learn to play the guitar like his father and grandfather.

About a year ago he released an EP album called “Neshamot Avadot” with songs he wrote.

Avi Podolinski is now releasing a new single for a new album, the song is called “Lehamshich” which he wrote and composed together with producer Ben Chopin.

He originally wrote the song at a time when he thought of abandoning the musical aspect, a kind of song of hope for him to continue creating. He decided that now is the right time for him to release it when the words give hope to all of us to continue and hope for better days.

Lyrics and music: Avi Podolinsky, Ben Chopin

Arrangement and musical production: Ben Chopin