Shlomo Gleyzer Releases His Debut Album “Flying Colors”

Hello, I’m Shlomo Gleyzer, a 23-year-old bochur from New York, and I’m excited to introduce you to my debut album, “Flying Colors.” My journey into music began in my early years when I found solace and a means of expression through composing songs. Each life experience, realization, and lesson learned seemed to have its own melody, waiting to be shared with the world. About a year ago, after completing Yeshiva, I felt it was time to share this gift with the world. Given the plethora of songs I’ve collected over the years, the challenge was deciding where to start. Although every composition stands independently, I wanted to create an album that had a cohesive theme, painting a fuller picture and telling a more comprehensive story. Thus, “Flying Colors” was born – an album carefully curated with love, passion, and a story to tell. It’s a tale of struggle and triumph, a story of battle and victory. In a world that can sometimes feel shrouded in darkness, I hope that “Flying Colors” will serve as a beacon of light, empathy, and inspiration. We all face inner battles, microcosms of the universal battle – the battle of galus. But victory is our destiny; we will ultimately pass with “Flying Colors.”