Yonatan Razel In The Song A Gift For Soldiers – Et Milchama

Since the beginning of the war, Yonatan Razel has been appearing and performing at military bases of the IDF, at different cities, and sadly, at hospitals and cemeteries for the families of those who need the chizuk and support. The great weight that these families now carry on their shoulders pushed Razel to write this song for them. David game lechaim tehillim says,
אֶרְדּוֹף אוֹיְבַי וְאַשִּׂיגֵם וְלֹא אָשׁוּב עַד כַּלּוֹתָם”
“I will chase my enemies until they are destroyed”
This mantra became a mission for every single soldier who is fighting for our nation and land.
Yonatan remembers going down south 3 days after the war began to Netivot. It was a new reality, a deafening and painful silence, ashes and destruction. A stadium was turned into an army base full of soldiers. What is there to say? Strength, determination, chein, beauty and more. It was all noticeable before they entered Gaza. And now, it is even more known that they are all angels.
Suddenly they called everyone to gather and we heard the soldiers shout out,
אֶרְדּוֹף אוֹיְבַי וְאַשִּׂיגֵם וְלֹא אָשׁוּב עַד
“This passuk stayed with me and carried me, playing over and over in my head while going around and doing our ‘duty/miliuim’ on the bases . Slowly, it turned into a nigun and a tefilla that we sang for the soldiers.
The song will give strength to the soldiers עת לאהוב ועת לשנוא, עת מלחמה ועת שלום.